Capital Group

ABM SOLID is a group of construction companies. The Company operates in all segments of construction industry. Therefore, it is able to carry out complex projects.

ABM SOLID performs most of its contracts on the "turn-key" basis (entire investments from designing to completion and commissioning of objects).

Within the frames of individual segments, the Capital Group of ABM SOLID realizes the following kinds of investments:

Non-housing architecture

  • industrial objects (for example buildings and productive halls, warehouse objects, production of steel constructions)
  • objects of public utility (among others sports objects, administration and office buildings etc.)

Housing architecture

  • multi-family objects (habitable blocks)

Engineering architecture

  • objects of the protection of the environment and energetics (including plants of utilization of municipal refuse, clearing of the sewage, sewage systems, boiler rooms for bio-mass and alternative fuels, plants of associational production of thermal and electric energy)
  • hydrotechnical architecture (including jobs from the sphere of regulation of the rivers, mountain streams and embankments, etc.)
  • road architecture - the Company specializes in preparatory activities indispensable to make the final layer i.e.the asphalt. These are, first of allterrestial work, excavations and mounds, offtaking and leading-in canals

Apart from three key segments, ABM SOLID developes complementary types of operations such as:

Developing operations

This is a new area of operations of the Capital Group performed by ABM INVEST.  

Sales structure of the ABM SOLID Capital Group

The ABM SOLID Group has a balanced income structure, mitigating the effects of ups and downs in the construction market and also providing an opportunity to make use of dynamic developments in specific segments. The main source of revenues of ABM SOLID is contracts for non-residential buildings, including industrial projects. Additionally, the Company generates revenues under engineering contracts, with focus on environmental protection projects.