Companys Profile

ABM SOLID is a group of construction companies operating in all key construction segments. ABM SOLID SA provides comprehensive turn-key services, from designing to completion and commissioning of the construction.

The main source of income of the ABM SOLID Capital Group is non-residential construction contracts, including primarily industrial construction, such as production halls or warehouses. ABM SOLID SA also constructs sports facilities, administration and office buildings, as well as performs engineering construction (e.g. municipal waste treatment plants, combined heat and power plants, sewage systems, sewage treatment plants) and housing.

Particular Companies in the Group provide complementary services. Therefore, ABM SOLID SA is able to perform contracts of the large degree of complesity and with high quality and timetable requirements as well as contracts generating higher margins. The ABM SOLID Group is able to carry out an investment from the very beginning till completion, also with respect to complex technological objects (including commissioning). Most of the investments carried out by the ABM SOLID Group are "turn-key" investments.