Development strategy

ABM SOLID assumes reaching a position allowing the entrance to the group of 20 biggest and most profitable building enterprises in Poland. The most important elements which will enable this plan to be fulfilled are the following:

Expansion of the potential of the Capital Group

ABM SOLID intends to expand the technical, technological and transport base and also the base of implement. Owing to this, the Company will be less dependant on subcontractors and it will also have greater possibilities in gaining contracts.

ABM SOLID also intends to develop engineering and project activities. Rendering project activities will make it easier, among others, to realize the most essential contructions. Owing to its own projects, the Company increases also the efectiveness of contracts being carried out. The project services can also be rendered for the outside firms.

Complement of the offer of the Capital Group with new kinds of activity

Considering very good perspectives of the delopment of housing market in Poland, the ABM SOLID has established a ABM INVEST and ABM INVEST TARNÓW, companies acting in developers branch.

Gaining new markets

  • An example of carrying out such strategy is commencement of the activity connected with errecting objects serving defence of the country,
  • Entry to new markets, at first norther and western regions of Poland,
  • Expansion of the activity on foreign markets, especially in the Ukraine

ABM SOLID does not exclude purchase of shares in building companies realizing projects in perespective branches such as, for example, building trade in the sphere of fuels and energetics, defence of the country and others.

Further integration of the Capital Group ane developement of its activity.